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Bodrum Turkish Bath Tours
Duration: 7Am - 23Pm.
Departure: Bodrum

First enter into your own dressing room where you can change into your bikini or swimming trunks and then pass into the main parlour where you will lie on the raised a central platform called Gobek Tasi (belly stone) for about 10-15 minutes. To clear the skin loofahs are used by a professional masseur in order to open the pores.This is followed by a typical Turkish massage and then body and hair wash. You can provide your own shampoo if you wish. You are then given a towel and leave the main room to go to the lounge to enjoy a warm or cold drink.You can book your session individually or in group. This is great value and lots of fun for a full one and a half hours.

Prices Per Person
Peeling , Foam Massage , Sauna included
10 €

    • Transfer, Peeling, Foam Massage, Sauna
    • Oil Massage, Drinks