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Private Tour from Bodrum: Didyma - Priene - Miletus
Duration: 6-7 hours (flexible time)
Departure: Bodrum

* Didyma: The world Didyma meant "twins" and this place was believed to be the meeting place of Zeus and Leto who gave birth to their twins Apollo and Artemis. In the ancient world, Didyma was famed as a prophecy center dedicated to Apollo, and served a purpose in Anatolia similar to the oracle at Delphi in Greece. It was not a city but a sanctuary linked to Miletus with a 12 mile sacred road. Today the large scale of the standing columns will impress even the most well traveled visitors.

* Priene: The ancient city of Priene was once a harbor city, but silt from the Meander River filled in its bay and cut off its livelyhood. Today the site is nearly 16km away from the sea. The original city was a peninsula with two harbors on either side. Priene was laid out on a grid plan system with all streets at right angles to one another. The amazingly large site sits at the foot of a spectacular cliff (Mt. Mycale) and contains many superb examples of Hellenistic art and architecture.

* Miletus: Ancient city located near the present Akkoy at the mouth of the Meander River. Highly prosperous, it was one of the largest cities in Anatolia and founded many colonies. It was the home of the ancient philosophers Anaximander, Anaximenes and Thales, the town planner Hippodamus and architect Isidorus. Having a prominent position on trade routes, Miletus became the most important port in this area and was the most active member of the twelve cities of the Ionian Confederation. From the 7th century B.C. the city has been controlled in turn by Persians, Romans and Seljuk Turks

Price Per Person
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$ 450 - € 410 $ 230 - € 210 $ 160 - € 145 $ 130 - € 120 $ 110 - € 100 $ 95 - € 85

    • Professional licensed guide
    • Pick-up and drop off from Bodrum port & hotels
    • All Entrance fees
    • Non-smoking A/C Vip vehicles
    • Tradinational Lunch, you can choice Fish, Meat, Chicken or Veg Menu
    • Driver and guide tips
    • Drinks